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POCS - Wireless Multi Devices Platform..

Mono session Multi device server

Unique login/pass for all devices

Full features Presence Service

Integrated Instant Messaging

Conference room's

Geolocation services

Push Notifications / Alerting

Group management

Permission management

Very fast C++ compact protocol

Server based on Linux Red Hat for low TCO

Open source interface API's available

Arduino interface available

Win, xHTML and iOs available clients

Pocs terminal
device terminal

...for added value services.

Connect any wireless device or sensor.

Add mobile services to your devices.

The needed platform to connect together: Geoloc devices, PND devices, Health or Medical devices, Protection or Home devices...

Hosting version available

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InFlight Telecommuniction System

IcareLink IFTS allows airline passengers to use their own mobile phone during the flight to place and receive phone calls, send SMS or email's and browse the Internet. User's get invoiced like rooming.

Full "IP based" solution combined with platforms for CDMA, UMTS. Support two or more Satellite Networks and 4 aisles planes (B747, A380).

Meet the CAA security legislation.

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Real Time Location Server

IcareLink introduced the first RTLS server integrated with a monosession multidevice IMPS (Instant Messaging and Presence Server).

Manage the geolocation of differents devices (like mobiles, sensors, trackers or PND's) handled for the same user.

Imagine a wide range of new services like Find Me - Follow Me, tracking or multi-device data delivery.

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Wireless Lone Worker Terminal

3WAC demonstrates IcareLink's "know-how" on hardware and firmware design.

The embeded software allows to send customized alarms for critical situations such as: loss of verticality and immobility detection.

Manual instant emergency signals via SMS, DTMF or vocal alarm transmissions.

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Latest news


For the first time in the world, a phone call is made in an Airbus plane through a mobile. View the press release


The French Court "Cours d'Appel de Toulouse" condemns Airbus France for the sudden break of a long-standing business relationship. Download the jugement document

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